Venus in Pisces, Mars in Aries



Venus and Mars Combinations

Romantic and Sexual Styles


What are the signs of Venus and Mars in your natal chart?


Venus-Mars mixes uncover much about an individual’s romantic and sexual styles. Every Venus-Mars mix is deciphered as far as components (Fire, Earth, Air, and Water) and is refined as far as signs. Accordingly, Venus in Aries (a Fire sign) and Mars in Taurus (an Earth sign), for instance, will have a similar essential translation as Venus in Leo (a Fire sign) and Mars in Capricorn (an Earth sign), however a different specific understanding. Note that a few translations are impending. https://theastrologyzodiacsigns.com/zodiac-signs/aries/

Your Venus is in a Water sign, and your Mars is in a Fire sign.


Venus in Water, Mars in Fire (Romantic Water, Fiery Desires): You are romantic and, in some cases, very ridiculous with regards to issues of the heart, paying little mind to how reasonable you might be in different areas of life. You never treat love relationships as agreements. You are excessively sincerely engaged with them. You have a lot of sensual imperativeness, and you have a strong need for actual certifications of love. You tend to bounce into relationships, basically because you are both hopeful and exotic. Be mindful not to bring your previous relationships into your present ones. Your needs in love are wildly clashing. From one viewpoint, you are drawn to tense and challenging experiences, yet on the other, you need enthusiastic closeness and security. A heap of inconsistencies, you are sincerely truly helpless, yet you don’t continuously need others to know this. You are an enthusiastic and spontaneous lover with great hunches. Sometimes fierce and direct, you can likewise be very touchy. Your love life is all things considered an enthusiastic rollercoaster. You long for the show and consideration average for another romance, yet you have a profound need for security and connection. You are romantic and surprisingly lovely, and temperament changes are your lifestyle! Your lover never entirely realizes who they’ll meet in the room, the courageous side of you or the delicate and caring side.


Venus and Mars in one next to the other signs: The things that please you romantically and those that please you sexually are very different. What causes you to feel loved and wanted doesn’t fulfill you fair and square of want and sense, as well as the other way around. One partner could struggle to endeavor to fill your needs. Subsequently, you could be a seriously modest bunch; or you might track down ways of isolating your romantic and sexual needs and hence fulfill them separately.


More specifically, Venus in Pisces, Mars in Aries: In your romantic life, you can be a genuine inconsistency now and again! You can swing from being aberrant to striking, delicate to extreme, and powerless against strong, and this can puzzle others (and once in a while yourself). However, you’re continuously enchanting.


A few Famous People with this Combination: Kate Hudson, Claire Danes, Samantha Fox, Julie Bowen, Elle Fanning, Iggy Pop, Charles Dickens.


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